Trucost News / 16 Jun 2016

Unilend commissions Trucost to measure its carbon footprint

Unilend has become the first marketplace lending platform to measure and report its carbon footprint.

Unilend, the leading marketplace lending platform for SMEs in France, has commissioned Trucost to measure the environmental and social footprint of its lending portfolio – the first time this has been done.

As of 29 April 2016, the carbon footprint of Unilend’s loan book was 178 KgCO2-eq per €1,000 lent, 46% lower than the carbon footprint of France’s main equity index CAC 40.

Regarding its social footprint, Unilend has contributed to the creation of approximately 100 jobs over two and a half years.

The audit of Unilend’s loan book follows last year’s adoption of the law on energy and ecological transition in France, and in particular the release of the implementation decree on article 173 which encourages investors and intermediairies to measure and publish the carbon footprint and the contribution to energy and ecological transition of their investments.

In the following months, Unilend plans to integrate footprint metrics into the platform to allow lenders to have access to such information.

Jean-Florent Helfre, Trucost’s Head of Business Development in the region, said: “This study shows that marketplace lending to SMEs in France has a true positive impact on the environment and society. An individual or institutional investor can significantly reduce its carbon footprint by investing in Unilend’s loan book, in comparison with other asset classes.”

Nicolas Lesur, Founder and Managing Director of Unilend, said: “With the measure of environmental and social footprint of the projects financed through the platform, Unilend continues to innovate in the context of marketplace lending. Unilend is now seen as a new form of responsible investment.”

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About Unilend

Unilend is the leading marketplace lending platform in France. Since its inception, Unilend has allowed small enterprises to finance their activities thanks to individual borrowers. Over two and a half years, Unilend has financed approximately 250 projects representing €19 million. Unilend’s community is composed of approximately 10,000 active members.

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