Trucost News / 05 Nov 2014

Trucost confirmed as verifier under Climate Bonds Standard

Robust verification crucial to development of green bonds market and fund transition to a low-carbon economy.

Leading environmental data provider Trucost has been confirmed as an approved verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard.

To issue a Climate Bond Certified bond, a company simply has to get the bond reviewed by an approved third party verifier. The verifier’s job is to ensure that bond’s assets meet the Climate Bond Standard’s environmental and financial guidelines.

Trucost has been analyzing and verifying the sustainability reporting of the 4,500 largest listed companies, and is well-placed to join the growing ranks of verifiers.

Richard Mattison, Chief Executive Officer of Trucost, said: “Robust verification is crucially important to ensure confidence is maintained in the rapidly growing green bond market. This is an opportunity for Trucost to use its 14 years of expertise in natural capital valuation to help investors and green bonds issuers quantify and communicate the environmental benefits of complex projects in a holistic way.”

He added: “Trucost is delighted to be working with the Climate Bonds Initiative and supporting the excellent work they’re doing in mobilizing bond markets for climate change solutions.”

The growing number of Climate Bond Standard approved verifiers reflects the standard’s expanding coverage of assets essential for a rapid shift to a low carbon and climate resilient economy: low carbon buildingsbus rapid transit, bioenergy, agriculture & forestry and water. Certification of bonds linked to solar and wind assets is now up and running.

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