Trucost News / 16 Jul 2013

Trillium Asset Management’s Sustainable Opportunities Strategy is one-third as carbon intensive as its benchmark

Trucost’s carbon audit of Trillium Asset Management’s Sustainable Opportunities Strategy reveals the strategy is one-third as carbon intensive as its benchmark.

Trillium Asset Management, the oldest independent investment advisor devoted exclusively to sustainable and responsible investing, announced today that its Sustainable Opportunities Strategy has been calculated to be 67% less carbon intensive than its benchmark, the S&P 1500® Index, according to a carbon footprint analysis conducted by Trucost, a leading environmental data and analysis firm.

Trucost’s carbon intensity analysis (Sustainable Opportunities Strategy) is based on measuring the tons of carbon emissions per million dollars of revenue of the companies held by the Strategy and those of the companies included in the S&P 1500® Index.

Trillium’s Sustainable Opportunity Strategy seeks to provide long-term investment growth by investing in companies positioned to thrive during the transition to a more sustainable economy. The strategy has been fossil fuel free since inception.

“Climate change is the defining investment issue of our generation.” said Matthew W. Patsky, CEO of Trillium Asset Management. “Sound environmental practices in the business community – like those represented in our Sustainable Opportunities Strategy – are important to strong economic growth. Companies revolutionizing the fields of energy efficiency, clean energy and sustainable agriculture, will, we believe, have the highest growth prospects and benefit from changes in the global economy.”

Since its 2008 inception, the strategy has employed fundamental equity analysis that integrates ESG factors and emphasizes high-growth companies trading at reasonable valuations. Companies must demonstrate that they are contributing to three core sustainability themes through their core business: Green Solutions, Economic Empowerment, and Healthy Living.

Divya Mankikar, Vice President, Trucost said, “Our carbon audit of Trillium’s Sustainable Opportunities Strategy clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of Trillium’s approach to integrating ESG investment factors at a stock and sector level.”


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