Trucost News / 20 Mar 2015

New report to reveal South Africa’s leading corporate environmental performers

Prompt Research Insights and Trucost to publish analysis helping companies grapple with natural capital challanges including water scarcity, climate change and air pollution.

Companies in South Africa that are doing most to reduce their environmental impacts are to be revealed in a new report announced today.

The Natural Capital Business Report, written by Prompt Research Insights using data provided by natural capital analysts Trucost, is the first-ever comprehensive assessment of the environmental sustainability of companies in the country. The insights will help businesses, investors, customers, campaigners and the government drive the improvements needed in corporate sustainability to avoid dangerous climate change, reduce the health effects of air pollution and conserve water resources.

The research looks at the performance of over 70 of the largest listed companies in South Africa. Twenty-four performance metrics were considered including greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, water use and waste. Trucost also assessed the contribution each company is making towards energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste recycling and use of clean technology.

To provide a clear and easily understood picture of performance, Trucost calculated the monetary cost of each company’s environmental impacts. The research identifies the leading companies in each sector. These companies ­– called Natural Capital Leaders – are those that are reducing their total environmental cost while continuing to grow as a business by increasing revenue over a five-year period.

Companies that are reducing impacts such as greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, as well as using natural resources like water as efficiently as possible, are likely to be more successful businesses. They benefit from minimizing the risk of increased costs as a result of tighter environmental regulation, volatile energy prices and supply chain disruption. They also benefit from opportunities such as offering more sustainable products and enhanced brand reputation.

Lindiwe Matlali, chief executive officer of Prompt Research Insights, said: “It is my view that ability of corporates to grow and deliver value to their shareholders without increasing their negative impact on the environment is one of the most critical variables that needs to be managed if we are to see effective conservation of our natural resources.”

Alastair MacGregor, chief operating officer of Trucost, said: “We are delighted to partner with Prompt Research Insights to produce this groundbreaking report assessing how companies are responding to the risks and opportunities created by these natural capital challenges. The research allows companies and their investors to assess how they are performing relative to their peers, and understand how natural capital risks could affect their strategy. It also allows them to identify opportunities for growth that could come from developing more sustainable business models. Trucost would like to thank Prompt Research Insights who had the foresight to commission the study and have been a driving force in engaging the corporate and investor communities.”

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