Trucost Blog / 02 Aug 2019

SDG Evaluation: 2018 Leaders

Trucost recaps the launch of the 2018 Trucost SDG Evaluation Tool and announces this year’s SDG Leaders.

S&P Global’s launch in 2018 of the Trucost SDG Evaluation Tool marked the growing interest in understanding positive impacts and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by every country in 2015 to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

In 2018, a number of companies evaluated their SDG related risks and positive impacts using the Trucost SDG Evaluation Tool. An inaugural group of companies from around the world represented a diverse set of industries, representing financial, technology, energy, manufacturing and consumer goods. An advisory panel of leading investors, academics, and NGOs informed the process.

Trucost’s SDG Evaluation supports improved transparency for market participants on environmental and social performance by providing a holistic, quantitative score of a company’s alignment to the SDGs that can be used in conjunction with other reporting frameworks. For investors, the SDG Evaluation can help companies convey their efforts to mitigate risks in operations and supply chains, and align their business models to the products and services that support a greener, more sustainable economy.

Trucost awards companies each year that score the highest in the following categories. At the end of the year, Trucost compares the metrics of all companies who underwent a Trucost SDG Evaluation. Trucost acknowledges companies for their leading SDG performance in several categories:

Trucost is pleased to announce this year’s SDG leaders and congratulates these companies for their leadership and ongoing efforts :

ROCKWOOL Group, Ørsted and Arm for Platinum Performance

ROCKWOOL Group for Best Positive Impact

HP Inc. for Best SDG Risk Mitigation

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1 Trucost calculates Platinum Performance by taking the percentile rank of all overall SDG Evaluation scores for companies who underwent the Trucost SDG Evaluation in 2018, and then selecting those companies who are located in the top 20% percentile.
2 Trucost calculates Best SDG Positive Impact by taking the maximum Positive Impact score for all companies that underwent the Trucost SDG Evaluation in 2018
3 Trucost calculates Best SDG Risk Mitigation by taking the maximum value after subtracting SDG-adjusted Risk scores from SDG Risk Exposure companies for all companies who underwent the Trucost SDG Evaluation in 2018.

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