Publication / 04 Dec 2012

WWF Report: Carbon & Water Risk for South Africa’s Top Companies, Bonds & Equity Funds

WWF commissioned Trucost to produce this report around how corporate emissions expose investors to carbon taxes and how thirsty assets are vulnerable to climate change impacts.

This report forms the first in a five-part series, Navigating Muddy Waters: securing investment returns under carbon and water constraints. The collaboration between WWF, Carbon Tracker, SinCo and Trucost aims to assess carbon and water risks for South African investors, and sustainable investment opportunities.

Climate change and water scarcity are two of the main drivers that governments, civil society and business need to seriously address in the transformation of the global economy into one that is resource efficient, low carbon, resilient and equitable. As a significant provider of financial capital, institutional investors play an important role in our ability to shape this transformation. On the other hand, these same investors face material financial risks if they are exposed to companies that are unprepared for this socio-economic transition.

The aim of the series is to provide empirical research to investors in and regulators of the securities markets that can guide policy and investment strategies to support the transition to a resource-efficient, low carbon, resilient and equitable global economy.


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