Publication / 15 Dec 2017

Talking Points: The TCFD Recommendations and their Implications for the Financial Sector

The recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) look set to drive an increase in reporting of quantified, forward-looking ESG data and analysis. Trucost considers some of the main implications for the financial sector.

The TCFD was formed by the Financial Stability Board, the international body that seeks to strengthen and protect markets from systemic threats such as climate change through its membership of national financial authorities.

The TCFD recommendations provide guidance to all market participants on the disclosure of information on the financial implications of environmental risks and opportunities in annual reports and accounts to enable its integration into investment and business decisions.

Why should organizations report in accordance with the TCFD recommendations? What metrics should the financial sector disclose? What is scenario analysis and how should organizations do it? How can the financial sector use the insights from these metrics and analysis? What practical steps should the financial sector take right now toward meeting the TCFD recommendations?

Events Web-conférence: De l’Article 173 Loi TECV aux stress tests TCFD: 14 mai 2019

Suite à l’entrée en vigueur en 2016 de la loi française sur la transition énergétique pour la croissance verte, les investisseurs institutionnels français ont établi un reporting « ESG-Climat » qui se base, par exemple, sur l’empreinte carbone ou la part verte/brune. Proposées également par la Task force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) comme...

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Events Webinar: 2°C Alignment: Measuring Portfolio Performance Against Global Climate Targets: 9 May 2019

Join us as we discuss how 2°C alignment is helping investors assess future portfolio carbon risk exposure and meet TCFD recommendations.

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Events Connecting the Environment and Finance Through Natural Capital – Dublin 29th April

The financial policy landscape is evolving in response to environmental risk. How can Ireland leverage the natural capital approach to drive investment from capital markets towards better management of assets? Join authors of the Natural Capital Protocol from S&P Global (Trucost) and eftec for a workshop that explores the trends in regulation and market-based...

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