Publication / 01 Dec 2017

Science-Based Targets

How Aligning Carbon Reduction Targets With Climate Science Can Drive Business Growth

Greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction targets set by companies account for less than 7.5% of what is needed every year between now and 2050 to achieve the 2°C limit on global warming set in the Paris Agreement.

How can companies manage the financial risks that go along with the transition to a low-carbon economy? What does an appropriate carbon reduction target look like? How can carbon reduction targets be integrated with other business goals in order to help drive growth?

By setting an SBT, companies can publically demonstrate that they are taking their environmental responsibilities seriously. Companies can communicate to customers, investors, and other stakeholders that they are ready to compete and succeed as a business in a low-carbon world.

1 October, 2019
Events Webinar: Incorporating Physical Risk in TCFD Portfolio Climate Reporting

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Events Webinar: Climate Risk: What are the implications of TCFD for Companies? 6 June 2019

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