Publication / 30 Jan 2010

Case Study: Capital Ambition

Overview of the work Trucost did to measure the carbon footprint of £8 billion of London’s public procurement, across across 32 London Borough Councils, the City of London and London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority.


Capital Ambition wanted to measure and reduce the carbon footprint associated with £8 billion of London’s public procurement and ensure the program would deliver cost savings.

Trucost was able to focus on suppliers with the most potential to reduce their impacts, providing a pre-populated online data collection portal to enable high impact suppliers to verify or update Trucost’s data. The data was then analysed to identify the most effective opportunities to reduce the footprint.

The project enabled Capital Ambition to identify opportunities for footprint reduction and associated cost savings as well as enabling ongoing management of the carbon associated with public procurement.

Trucost recaps the launch of the 2018 Trucost SDG Evaluation Tool and announces this year's SDG Leaders.

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