Publication / 09 Oct 2007

Carbon Disclosure Project Report 2007: UK FTSE 350

Trucost analysis of climate change disclosures by FTSE 350 companies.

This report, compiled by Trucost, was intended to provide investors with an analysis of how the UK’s largest companies are responding to climate change. Companies have made significant progress in reporting and verifying standardised, quantitative data which can be used by investors to compare performance meaningfully.

However, many have further to go in making comprehensive and comparable disclosures on direct and indirect operational emissions, as well as in assessing risks and opportunities regarding supply chains, shifts in target markets, and evolving regulatory frameworks.

Response rates among FTSE 350 companies increased dramatically from 49% in 2006 to 70% in CDP5. Although 92% of FTSE 100 companies answered the CDP5 questionnaire, the improvement was largely driven by a tremendous increase in responses from FTSE 250 companies from 36% in CDP4 to 61% in 2007. The improved response rate indicates increased recognition of the business implications of climate change and the cumulative effect of the CDP. An increase in the number of companies which refused to allow their responses to be disclosed publicly raises questions about their willingness to improve transparency to all stakeholders.

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