Students have been the driving force behind the adoption of green policies and practices across academia. With rankings such the Princeton Review and campaigns such as ‘Fossil Free. Divest from Fossil Fuels’ by highlighting environmental leaders and laggards, an institution’s green credentials have become an important factor in selection.


Environmental footprinting

Competition to attract the top performers is fierce, and those institutions able to measure and communicate the environmental footprint of their operations, supply chains and investments can gain advantage. Trucost’s environmental footprinting service enables institutions to communicate the environmental footprint of operations, supply chains and investments, as well as identify areas for improvement, helping to make energy and costs savings as well as capitalize the transition to a sustainable future.

Academic research

Companies and investors have never been more aware of environmental performance, and nor have consumers. This is reflected in the growing number of green programs and environmentally themed research papers – plus the increased green elements in traditional academic courses, such as finance and supply chain management. To capitalize on this interest, institutions need to demonstrate leadership in their environmental teaching, and find a way to differentiate themselves to potential students.

Trucost holds the world’s most comprehensive environmental metrics, offered via our bespoke application, allowing researchers and librarians quick and easy access to our database. We place a financial value on the environmental impacts of companies and their supply chains, helping to support academics with classroom teaching and thematic research into the economic consequences of environmental impacts.