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In The Media / 02 Aug 2016 Study shows how plastics preserves steak, other food

Trucost’s study of the environmental costs of plastics versus other materials released in late July didn’t just focus on plastics lightweight advantages.

In The Media / 02 Aug 2016 Bringing natural capital costs into focus in industrial farming

It is hard to calculate the true costs and benefits of any human activity — industrial farming included.

In The Media / 28 Jul 2016 New study suggests plastics reduce environmental impact

A new study by research firm Trucost has found that the environmental cost of using plastics in consumer goods and packaging is nearly four times less than replacing plastics with alternative materials.

In The Media / 28 Jul 2016 ACC study: Environmental cost of plastic lower than other materials

A new study from Trucost, commissioned by the American Chemistry Council (ACC), says that the environmental costs of using plastic are on average four times less than other materials.

In The Media / 27 Jul 2016 Guest blog: What business wants from natural capital accounting

The development of a standard approach to natural capital accounting passed an important milestone in July with the publication of the draft Natural Capital Protocol Principles and Framework.

In The Media / 27 Jul 2016 Plastics on the move: New specs for recycling auto bumpers; benefits of lightweighting in auto Industry

The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI; Washington, DC) Board of Directors recently approved the addition of an auto bumper plastics specification to the Scrap Specifications Circular.

In The Media / 27 Jul 2016 Plastics perhaps not so bad after all?
Using alternatives could bring fourfold increase in environmental costs
In The Media / 26 Jul 2016 Plastic pollutes, but replacing it is even worse says study funded by plastic

Switching to paper or glass isn’t the answer, a report commissioned by the American Chemistry Council says. Here’s why.

In The Media / 26 Jul 2016 Study: Plastics reduce environmental impact

There isn’t a single person in the plastics industry who hasn’t been regularly bombarded with concerns from all sides about the environmental costs of plastic production and use.

In The Media / 26 Jul 2016 Putting natural capital analysis into practice

Putting natural capital analysis into practice

In The Media / 21 Jul 2016 Starting civilization from scratch? How to win at Channel 4’s Eden

In a remote corner of the UK, 23 men and women try to build a new life and new society from scratch, isolated from the rest of the world.

In The Media / 19 Jul 2016 Ford, Jose Cuervo make car parts from agave waste

Ford Motor Company says it has teamed up with Jose Cuervo to explore the use of the tequila producer’s agave plant byproduct to develop more sustainable bioplastics to use in Ford vehicles.