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In The Media / 06 Sep 2016 Trucost launches methodology for rating Chinese green bonds

Environmental data-provider Trucost has partnered with Golden Credit Rating to launch a framework for assessing the environmental impact of Chinese green bonds (subscription required).

In The Media / 06 Sep 2016 G20 report calls for robust green finance system

A report backed by the world’s biggest economies called for better integration of green finance into markets globally to help pay for a range of environmental initiatives, from pollution control to mitigating climate change impacts (subscription required).

In The Media / 31 Aug 2016 The circular economy: A framework for doing business in the 21st century

The linear take-make-dispose economy – highly successful in delivering economic development throughout the 20th century – is no longer viable for advancing progress in the 21st century.

In The Media / 26 Aug 2016 Is the new ‘Plastics and Sustainability’ report greenwash?

I’ve been spending a lot more time these days on how best to change consumption culture through the prism of ‘zero waste.’

In The Media / 26 Aug 2016 Sustainability at a crossroads

Notwithstanding legislative gridlock in the US, larger global forces have driven environmental law, in fact the entire suite of environmental, social and governance regimes, to the crossroads of two streets with familiar names.

In The Media / 23 Aug 2016 Science-based targets to achieve Paris Agreement targets

Following the Paris COP21 agreement last year, 175 countries have signed the Climate Deal with the target of limiting global warming to less than 2 degrees C.

In The Media / 23 Aug 2016 Carbon footprinting: Helping investors ask the right questions

Last year marked a turning point for the investment community in acting on carbon in their investments.

In The Media / 19 Aug 2016 Industry study touts environmental benefits of plastic

Plastic has increasingly become the storage and packaging material of choice, and its use has risen exponentially since it first become commonplace during the 1950s.

In The Media / 18 Aug 2016 Is climate change becoming a mainstream issue for investors and companies?

A range of investors and companies gathered at a day of events recently organized by Trucost and The Crowd to discuss latest developments in efforts to incorporate environmental considerations into decision making.

In The Media / 09 Aug 2016 Why measuring waste GHG emissions matters

Accounting for greenhouse gas emissions from waste isn’t as straightforward as, say, measuring those from corporate fleets.

In The Media / 08 Aug 2016 How including natural assets in financial decision making gives companies a competitive edge

Environmental managers are increasingly realizing that limited natural resources and increased competition for these resources directly affects business.

In The Media / 02 Aug 2016 Environmental cost of plastics 4x less than alternative materials

The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) has highlighted the findings of a new study by Trucost, a leading environmental research organization.