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In The Media / 03 Oct 2016 S&P Dow Jones boosts ESG data capabilities with Trucost acquisition

S&P Dow Jones Indices on Oct. 1 acquired a 98.13% stake in Trucost, a carbon and risk analysis provider, said Soogyung Jordan, S&P Dow Jones spokeswoman.

In The Media / 03 Oct 2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices acquires Trucost

S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) has acquired a controlling stake in Trucost, a provider of carbon and environmental data and risk analysis, through its subsidiary S&P Global Indices UK.

In The Media / 03 Oct 2016 Laurels for credit raters: Levers of change in the climate adaptation market

The voices and actions of the financial industry are critical to change capital market policy and practice change. That’s why I’m thrilled credit rating agencies are seizing their role as levers of change in the adaptation market.

In The Media / 03 Oct 2016 S&P Dow Jones Indices acquires controlling stake in green data specialist Trucost

S&P moves to strengthen environmental, social and governance portfolio in response to growing demand from investors and corporates.

In The Media / 01 Oct 2016 Packaging and eco-costs in the balance

Sustainability is an important area of concern for the global packaging industry, a market valued at $839 billion in 2015.

In The Media / 30 Sep 2016 Spotting losers and winners before the market does

The birds do it, the bees do it… Not everyone is doing ESG yet – but the way things are going, they soon will be. Investors argue it’s not taking the moral high ground, just good financial sense.

In The Media / 26 Sep 2016 Can circular economy be the “Rosetta Stone” for making the natural capital investment business case?

I have prepared for and presented at various events in the past few months where the discussion of the business case for natural capital investment was the topic.

In The Media / 16 Sep 2016 When it comes to natural capital, it’s easy to forget that we’re on the same team

We often feel safer when we’re surrounded by people with complementary views. In few places is this more obvious than at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, where 10,000 passionate and dedicated individuals come together to rally around the conservation of the natural world.

In The Media / 13 Sep 2016 What is green? Green bond investors in China need an answer

Green bonds are becoming a hot topic in China after the country officially ratified the Paris climate accord ahead of the G20 Summit and a senior central bank official hailed China’s status as the world’s biggest green bond market in a recent speech.

In The Media / 08 Sep 2016 It’s not easy being a green bond investor so raters are helping

One recurring criticism of the green bond market is that a company or municipality can call nearly anything green. Credit-rating companies are looking to change that.

In The Media / 08 Sep 2016 Rubicon partnership provides flexible financing for waste haulers

Smart waste and recycling company Rubicon has launched a financing program for its haulers – a network now totaling more than 5,000 – that the startup says should translate to more haulers providing better service to customers and diverting more waste from landfills.

In The Media / 06 Sep 2016 Green bond round up

With the ‘quiet season’ coming to a close, the market looks set for a number of deals in September (subscription required).