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In The Media / 26 Jan 2017 Hackney Pension Fund to reduce fossil-fuel equity exposure by 50%

London Borough of Hackney Pension Fund will cut exposure to fossil-fuel equity investments by 50% over the next six years.

In The Media / 24 Jan 2017 Hackney set to debate cutting £42m investment in fossil fuels – but activists say it’s too little, too late

Campaigners have dismissed Hackney Council’s plan to cut its controversial £42 million investment in fossil fuels as “not moving fast or far enough”.

In The Media / 23 Jan 2017 TfL considers a closer look at carbon exposure

The Transport for London Pension Fund plans to look into ways of analysing its carbon exposure following a member request, as experts stress that schemes need to understand exactly what they are measuring and what further steps they can take.

In The Media / 23 Jan 2017 ERAFP names five firms for environmental risk and opportunities research mandates

France’s public service additional pension scheme (ERAFP), a 100% SRI investor with €26bn in assets, has announced the winners of its tender for consultancy companies specialised in environmental risk and opportunity research on the theme of climate change.

In The Media / 23 Jan 2017 Sustainable Packaging: Avery Dennison’s Latest Portfolio, Carbios’ PET Recycling Tech, Ikea Draws Plastics Industry Ire

Consumers are increasingly demanding recyclable and sustainable packaging, while at the same time, some cities and states are banning plastic bags and other forms of packaging that end up in landfills.

In The Media / 17 Jan 2017 A call to action in plastics packaging

The Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation and World Economic Forum released January 16 “The New Plastics Economy: Catalysing Action,” which aims to address global plastics issues through innovation in packaging design, recycling, and delivery models.

In The Media / 23 Dec 2016 Alecta, APG among appointees to EC sustainable finance expert group

An executive each from Alecta, Sweden’s largest occupational pension provider, and major Dutch pension investor APG are among the 20 individuals the European Commission has appointed to its “high-level expert group” on sustainable finance.

In The Media / 22 Dec 2016 European Commission names its expert group on sustainable finance

The European Commission has named the 20 big hitters that will make up its High Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, tasked with helping “hardwire sustainability into EU financial policy” (subscription required).

In The Media / 21 Dec 2016 Consumption tax ‘could tackle’ environmental problems

Taxing consumption instead of employment would help tackle the world’s biggest environmental problems, including climate change, resource depletion and pollution, according to a study (subscription required).

In The Media / 08 Dec 2016 Rubicon Global lands first city customer with Atlanta’s waste fleet

Atlanta will soon deploy Rubicon Global’s technology to improve its waste management services – a first for the smart waste and recycling startup whose customers until now have been public corporations.

In The Media / 01 Dec 2016 Yarra Water publishes new impacts measurement

An Australian water company has published an integrated profit and loss account (IP&L), quantifying its annual environmental, social, employee and financial costs and benefits in monetary terms (subscription required).

In The Media / 23 Nov 2016 Dow’s breakthrough in barrier film technology

“Breakthroughs in Barrier Film Technology: How We Made Recyclable Stand-up Packaging Possible,” is one of the topics that Stacy Fields, Packaging Director – North America, The Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, MI), will discuss during a Center Stage presentation at Expoplast, which comes to Montréal, QC, Canada, on Nov 30 and Dec 1.