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In The Media / 16 Mar 2017 Dow, BASF, Eastman stir up new formulas for safer chemicals

In the 40 years between passage of the Toxic Substance Control Act in 1976 and the Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act last year, a generation and a half grew up drinking from baby bottles and cups laden with Bisphenol A, playing with toys manufactured with phthalates and wearing pajamas and T-shirts treated with flame retardants.

In The Media / 14 Mar 2017 Dow Jones, World Bank Unveil New Financial Tools to Expand Sustainability Investments

New announcements from two major financial institutions could expand sustainability investment and drive it towards the mainstream

In The Media / 08 Mar 2017 Rubicon announces second municipal partnership with Santa Fe, NM

Rubicon Global has announced a partnership with Santa Fe, NM to bring its proprietary technology to the city’s Environmental Services Division for a pilot program.

In The Media / 03 Mar 2017 Pandora goes green

An independent environmental study carried out for Danish jewellery company Pandora has shown that the impact on nature can be reduced to less than 5% when using recycled gold and silver rather than the mined alternative.

In The Media / 23 Feb 2017 Sustainability Meets Mainstream Financial Markets

What does it mean when the world’s largest financial data, analytics and benchmarks provider, S&P Global, acquires sustainability experts, Trucost? 

In The Media / 22 Feb 2017 Drop by drop, businesses fill the well of ‘unlimited water’

The World Economic Forum’s 2015 global risk report ranks “water crises” as the top societal risk to the global economy, ahead of infectious disease, weapons of mass destruction and cross-border conflict. 

In The Media / 17 Feb 2017 The state of green business 2017

In 2016, among the world’s largest companies showed positive signals in sustainable business KPIs. The challenge of 2017? To identify business models that decouple growth from resource use and pollution, says Trucost CEO Richard Mattison.

In The Media / 16 Feb 2017 The Role of Plastics in a Circular Economy – Time to Rethink!

This year, the European Commission will release its “Strategy on Plastics in the Circular Economy”. So, what will be the role for plastics? Isn’t the problem of waste and today’s low recycling rates suggesting we should simply restrict the use of plastics?

In The Media / 16 Feb 2017 How to solve the imbalance in ESG investing

Investors are actively demanding more information about different components of environmental, social and governance investments.

In The Media / 06 Feb 2017 The blockchain’s emerging role in sustainability

Picture, if you will, a tracking system that discreetly verifies the provenance of products as they move across a supply chain — sending proactive alerts about unexpected detours that could signal potential tampering or environmental conditions that might pose safety issues. Did we mention that it’s virtually tamperproof?

In The Media / 02 Feb 2017 New York City pension system to analyze carbon footprint

New York City’s $170.6 billion pension system will analyze its carbon footprint for the first time amid concerns of potential investment risks from companies that fail to adapt to climate change, its custodian said in a statement on Thursday.

In The Media / 02 Feb 2017 NYC Retirement Systems picks Mercer, Trucost for climate change analysis

The New York City Retirement Systems’ five pension funds hired Mercer and Trucost to make their investment portfolios more sensitive to the impact of climate change.