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Publication / 13 Mar 2018 Corporate Carbon Disclosure in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa

More EMEA firms quantify supply chain risks, set science-based targets, and implement internal carbon...

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In the first of a series of blogs, Trucost's Global Head Financial Institutions Business explores how insights from behavioral economics could be used to revolutionize ESG investing.

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In The Media / 03 Mar 2018 The known unknowns of plastic pollution

Mr McGuire had just one word for young Benjamin, in “The Graduate”: plastics. It was 1967, and chemical engineers had spent the previous decade devising cheap ways to splice different hydrocarbon molecules from petroleum into strands that could be moulded into anything from drinks bottles to Barbie dolls.

Trucost's CEO Dr Richard Mattison examines the evidence that climate risk analysis can deliver enhanced returns and reduced risk over time.

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Videos / 19 Feb 2018 Uncovering Carbon Blind Spots in Multi-Asset Portfolios

What did the £60bn Universities Superannuation Scheme learn from adopting the TCFD recommendation to assess multi-asset portfolio...

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In The Media / 15 Feb 2018 CDP data reveals shortfall in carbon disclosure by North American companies

Many North American companies are not fully disclosing their carbon emissions — especially from their supply chain and use of products.

17 May, 2018
Events Discover the ESG Advantage

As the EU focuses on financing a sustainable economy and evidence builds that ESG is a driver of investment risk and return, many market participants are asking, "How can we use the ESG advantage to our advantage?"

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Publication / 14 Feb 2018 Corporate Carbon Disclosure in North America

North American firms quantify supply chain risks, set science-based targets, and implement internal carbon...

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In The Media / 05 Feb 2018 Circular water management: Still a drop in the bucket

While the risks associated with water are widely known within large businesses, the majority of companies still lack the tools and strategies to turn their data about consumption, scarcity and other water-related issues into actionable insights.

13 February, 2018
Events C2es – Putting Scenario Analysis Recommendations into Practice – Webinar – 13th February 2018

Putting Scenario Analysis Recommendations into Practice Date:  Tues., Feb. 13, 2018 Time:  11 am – 12:30 pm ET Investors are increasingly interested in how climate change will impact a company’s long-term financial position and business strategy.  They are interested in how companies are affected by a transition away from fossil fuels as well as...

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In The Media / 26 Jan 2018 Utilities may suffer ‘significant losses’ from carbon taxes

Some of the world’s major industries face having their profits all but wiped out by the advance of carbon pricing systems, research released last week has suggested.