Our sustainable supply chain service provides the data-driven insights, tools and support companies need to deliver green procurement policies and strategies that drive long-term business resilience and growth.

We help our clients to efficiently measure environmental and social impacts across diverse supply chains, by combining readily available purchasing data with the validated supplier data we maintain in the Trucost Environmental Register; the world’s largest database of corporate environmental performance information. We then complete any data gaps with our world-class environmental modelling and research – and provide a customizable online supplier engagement platform to enhance data ‘where it most matters’ and monitor future supplier performance.

We also provide financial cost data alongside environmental performance data to deliver visibility of potential environmental costs by purchasing category, region and supplier. Typical questions that Trucost experts answer include; What is my financial risk exposure? How likely is it that the risk will materialize on my purchase ledger? Which indicators should I use to assess future stability of supply and cost? How should I prioritize risk mitigation strategies? What science-based reduction targets should I consider?

Whether you need green procurement specifications, sustainable procurement training, supplier engagement briefings or sustainable procurement dashboards and scenarios analysis tools, Trucost experts will provide ongoing support to help you integrate your policies and strategies into every day decision making.