Natural capital refers to the natural resources and services provided by the planet on which companies depend, such as clean air and water, a stable climate and a host of raw material inputs. Companies also rely on skilled employees, healthy communities and other aspects of social capital.

We help our clients to measure environmental and social impacts across company operations, supply chains and product lifecycles – and then we apply monetary valuations so that they can be understood and assessed alongside traditional financial cost metrics. In this way different impacts and dependencies can be compared, integrated into mainstream business analysis, actions prioritized, and return on investment measured.

There are many different approaches to natural, social and human impact valuation. Some companies want to know the total external cost or benefit of their impact, helping them understand the shared value they are creating with a particular product innovation or business strategy. Meanwhile others are more interested in the financial risks and opportunities that their company faces from its social and environmental impacts, and the pathways internalizing these to the business.

We have been at the forefront of the development of natural, social and human capital data insights and tools since 2000 and have developed a vast library of valuations and models; we are uniquely well positioned to apply the right approach for your business.