Our gold standard data, tools and insight help companies to identify the environmental and social benefits of business strategies, products and technologies.

By combining your existing enterprise data with Trucost’s extensive data libraries and experience, we assess positive impacts relative to ‘business as usual’ scenarios. For some it’s about avoided environmental impact (metric tons of carbon and other pollution impacts, cubic meters of water, hectares of land use…). For others it’s about the shared value that is being created for society (avoided environmental costs and enhanced social benefits).

Quantifying environmental and social benefits in monetary terms provides additional insight to help companies assess trade-offs. For instance, if one strategy has a high water dependency and another produces more carbon emissions, how do you decide which has the greatest sustainability benefit? The result informs capital allocation decisions by joining up the environmental, social and financial business case.

In this way we help companies to identify the right strategies, inform the business case for investment and engage different stakeholder groups, from investors to customers and suppliers.