Trucost is a pioneer of portfolio environmental analytics, from publishing the first carbon audit of an equity portfolio in 2005 to our extensive analysis of risks and opportunities today for clients with over $20 trillion in assets.

Our portfolio audits inform a broad range of questions about portfolio exposure to climate change factors including carbon emissions, coal power production, stranded assets, divestment targets, energy transition pathways and water dependency, as well as quantifying the positive environmental impact of investments across all asset classes – from public and private equity to fixed income, green bonds, real estate, infrastructure and real assets such as forests and farmland.

We provide a thorough understanding of risk and opportunity at a portfolio level or across consolidated holdings through the traditional lens of portfolio attribution analysis, including benchmark comparison to explain the effect of stock selection and sector allocation decisions. Our portfolio analytics can explain unanticipated bias to environmental risks, provide a baseline for mitigation strategies, and help you meet increasing reporting requirements such as the Montreal Pledge.