We quantify environmental footprints and positive impacts across fixed income investment strategies, from carbon savings to broader environmental, economic and social factors.


Corporate Bonds

We provide environmental performance data across the major corporate fixed income issuers enabling fixed income investors to assess risk exposure and improve decision making. Where companies do not disclose environmental impact information, we calculate proxy data along the entire supply chain with our proprietary multi-sector environmental impact modelling.

Green Bonds

An approved verifier under the Climate Bonds Standard and valued assurer of corporate environmental reporting to the AA1000 standard, we also provide robust verification of green bond issuances from second opinions to holistic, quantified assessments of the positive impact of green bonds.

Sovereign Bonds

Trucost’s sovereign bond portfolio analytics capture the carbon performance of sovereign bond investments in 170 countries. Our data and analytics have been developed to inform the carbon risk management and reporting of sovereign bond investments with a range of actionable metrics covering different emission scopes, responsibilities and exposures.