We provide the world’s most comprehensive data on corporate environmental performance enabling equity investors to manage risks and identify opportunities in the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient economy.

Our rigorous research process begins with an assessment of the environmental impact disclosure of the world’s largest listed companies. We standardize and validate the data, and then engage with companies to verify our findings and collect the latest non-disclosed data. Where companies do not disclose data – be it for an environmental impact or business activity – we calculate proxy data along the entire supply chain with our proprietary multi-sector environmental impact modelling.

The result is verified and complete 10-year time-series carbon and broader natural capital performance data and disclosure metrics across company operations and supply chains representing 93% of global markets by market capitalization enhanced with in-depth energy data, from coal power production and fossil fuel reserves to energy transition pathways and customized research on the ’green’ benefits of business activities and products.