We provide the gold standard carbon and natural capital investment metrics that financial institutions need to assess the risks and opportunities presented by climate change, drive innovation, and capitalize on the transition to a low carbon, resource efficient economy.

Our metrics are available through EBoard, Trucost’s interactive software platform providing portfolio analytics, screening tools, trend analysis, cost calculators and charting applications – via third party platforms – or direct to your systems via FTP feed and EBoard export functions.

Trucost ESG data is also now available through XpressfeedTM – combining robust environmental data & analysis with the speed, delivery & cross-referencing capabilities of XpressfeedTM.

Carbon metrics

Verified and complete 10-year time-series carbon emissions data and disclosure metrics across company operations and supply chains representing 93% of global markets by market capitalization, enhanced with in-depth energy data from coal power production and fossil fuel reserves to energy transition pathways.

Natural capital metrics

It’s not all about carbon. We complement our carbon insights with performance data and disclosure metrics on water use, pollution impacts and waste disposal.