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In The Media / 03 Mar 2018 The known unknowns of plastic pollution

Mr McGuire had just one word for young Benjamin, in “The Graduate”: plastics. It was 1967, and chemical engineers had spent the previous decade devising cheap ways to splice different hydrocarbon molecules from petroleum into strands that could be moulded into anything from drinks bottles to Barbie dolls.

In The Media / 15 Feb 2018 CDP data reveals shortfall in carbon disclosure by North American companies

Many North American companies are not fully disclosing their carbon emissions — especially from their supply chain and use of products.

In The Media / 05 Feb 2018 Circular water management: Still a drop in the bucket

While the risks associated with water are widely known within large businesses, the majority of companies still lack the tools and strategies to turn their data about consumption, scarcity and other water-related issues into actionable insights.

In The Media / 26 Jan 2018 Utilities may suffer ‘significant losses’ from carbon taxes

Some of the world’s major industries face having their profits all but wiped out by the advance of carbon pricing systems, research released last week has suggested.

In The Media / 22 Jan 2018 Why the auto, chemical and electricity sectors are in line for a carbon pricing shock

Trucost research suggests up to 150 per cent of profits in the electric utilities sector could be at risk from carbon pricing rollout.

In The Media / 22 Jan 2018 ESG moves from the margins to the mainstream

Environmental, social and governance issues are often described by businesses and investors as “nonfinancial,” suggesting they have no materially significant impact on the bottom line, either as a risk to revenue or an opportunity for business growth.

In The Media / 18 Jan 2018 Trucost warns of potential hit to corporate profits from Paris Agreement

New policies and taxes aimed at helping countries meet the goals of the Paris Agreement on climate change “could lead to significant losses” for many companies, according to Trucost.

In The Media / 16 Jan 2018 The State of Green Business, 2018

“Two degrees and the SDGs.” That’s the new sustainable business mantra. It rhymes. You can almost dance to it.

In The Media / 24 Oct 2017 Hidden Costs Of China’s Coal-to-Chemical Sector

Trucost’s Kaboo Leung on a new framework to stress test environmental risks and embed them into financial analysis.

In The Media / 13 Oct 2017 Companies demand data and tools to value ESG risks and opportunities

In light of increasing investor pressures on companies to disclose on ESG issues, risk assessment tools can play a key role in quantifying a company’s financial exposure, Libby Bernick writes.

In The Media / 08 Sep 2017 Here’s a tool to help companies stay ahead in changing carbon markets

Rapidly changing carbon markets can increase a company’s investment risks, or spotlight on emerging opportunities. A new tool helps companies make sense of these shifts, so they can continue to grow their business.

In The Media / 06 Sep 2017 Review: The Indispensible How-to (and How-Not-to) Guide to Making, Marketing ‘Greener Products’

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a book that summarized the successful sustainability strategies typically showcased at Sustainable Brands conferences?