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Webinar: Say yes! Turn 'we don't report' into 'we do'

12 April 2013

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Why report?

The link between financial performance and sustainability reporting is stronger than ever; companies that disclose their performance frequently outperform those that don’t. A rapidly growing number of companies are reporting on their sustainability efforts, if you are a business which doesn’t disclose you will soon be in the minority amongst your peers.

If you are thinking about preparing a sustainability report, this briefing will help jumpstart your efforts by explaining key issues you should consider, things not to do when reporting, and important benchmarking tactics. 


The State of Sustainability Reporting

Bahar Gidwani: CEO and Co-Founder, CSRHub

Who is reporting and why?

Overview of key reporting frameworks


Sustainability Reporting Success Strategies

Lorinda Rowledge: Co-founder, EKOS International

Trust & Transparency


Essential elements to consider in preparing your first sustainability report

Lessons learned and tips for success


Benchmarking:  Find your focus and unlock best practices

James Salo, PhD.  Sr. Vice President Research, North America

What can you learn by benchmarking?

Fast, cost effective approaches

Case study examples

Webinar recording

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