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Webinar: Fossil fuels: divest, engage or manage?

31 July 2013

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The 350.Org campaign has brought into sharp focus the need for investors to consider the role of fossil fuels in their strategies. This webinar examined different approaches to fossil fuel investment to help investors make an informed decision about their strategies. Against a backdrop of intensifying weather events, widely agreed by politicians and scientists to be caused by increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, it is clear that action is required to reverse this trajectory. Investment managers, risk managers, equity analysts and impact investme teams.


Green Century and Walden Asset Management provided their perspectives on fossil fuel divestment and engagement - and Lisa Woll, President, US Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment described the steps investors are taking to manage climate risk across diverse portfolios. The webinar also provided insights into how investors can compare their exposure to benchmarks in order to better understand and report their position to stakeholders. 


Fossil fuel investment strategies 
Divya Mankikar, VP North America, Trucost 
• Understanding your exposure to fossil fuels 
• Developing a fossil fuel investment strategy 

The divestment perspective  
Leslie Samuelrich, Senior Vice President, Green Century Capital Management 
• The promising role of divestment in the movement to curb climate change 
• The financial risk considerations of investing in fossil fuel companies 

The engagement perspective 
Tim Smith, Director of Environmental Social and Governance Shareowner Engagement, Walden Asset Management 
• Managing fossil fuel risk across our investments 
• What have we learnt? 

Managing climate risk 
Lisa Woll, President, US SIF:  the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible investment 
• Managing climate risk across diverse portfolios 
• The ‘information gap’ 

Webinar recording

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