Publication / 13 Jul 2016

Growing Business Value in an Environmentally Challenged Economy

Trucost’s natural capital data insights routinely inform key business questions along the value chain by quantifying natural capital costs in different geographical regions.

Failure of climate change mitigation and adaptation is the number one global risk. Its impacts include extreme weather events, water shortages, food crises and biodiversity loss.

The risk to business value is already visible in the notes of volatile commodity markets, profit warnings, disrupted operations and stranded assets. But where there is risk, there is opportunity. Business leaders are already acting to create value in an environmentally challenged economy by building resilience, capitalizing on green markets and seizing circular economy opportunities.

Illustrated by business case studies the paper considers questions such as: how could environmental constraints lead to raw material price volatility? How could resource constraints disrupt operations and impair asset value? How can I capitalize on expanding green product and green investment markets? How can I benefit from circular economy business opportunities?

11 July, 2017
Events Carbon Pricing: What’s your Exposure?

A complimentary webinar for corporate sustainability professionals and ESG investors

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