Our Team

Trucost is a public limited company which has headquarters in London, offices in Boston and New York and partners across the globe. The expertise of Trucost's members of staff include environmental economics, environmental policy and mainstream finance.

Executive Management Team

Richard Mattison - Chief Executive Officer

Alastair MacGregor - Chief Operating Officer

Lauren Smart - Executive Director

Libby Bernick - Senior Vice President, North America

Richie Hardwicke - Head of Corporate Services - EMEA

Steven Bullock - Head of Research

David Hobson - Head of Development and Systems

James Salo - Senior Vice President, North America

Sarah Wainwright - Head of Marketing


Sales and Marketing

Tom Barnett - Senior Account Director

Giles Barwell - Account Director

Annabelle Bennett - Account Director

Annabelle Bennett

Annabelle is an Account Director for Trucost’s North American business. She is responsible for managing the company's key client relationships and initiating projects in the technology, telecoms, oil & gas and utility sectors. Since joining Trucost she has been involved in a number of major projects including the Net Benefit assessment of decentralized energy assets for Utilyx, a UK energy solution provider, who for the first time used natural capital accounting to measure and promote the societal benefits of its technologies. Clients include Sempra Energy, AT&T, Schnitzer Steel, and Advanced Micro Devices, as well as other multinational companies. She’s been with Trucost since 2006, and has a diploma with distinction from the Oxford Business & Media School.

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Rebecca Edwards - Marketing Co-ordinator

Jacqueline Jackson - Account Director

James Richens - Research Editor

Jessica Taylor - Partnership Services

Chaoni Huang - Head of Business Development - Asia

Divya Mankikar - VP Business Development, North America

Neil McIndoe - Head of Environmental Finance


Research Analysts

Chris Baldock - Senior Research Analyst

Caroline Bartlett - Senior Research Analyst

Steve Bolton - Project Manager - North America

Beth Burks - Research Analyst

Danielle Carreira - Senior Research Analyst

Laura Colina - Senior Research Analyst

Claire Curtin - Head of Investor Research

Somrita Dhar - Research Analyst

Anna Georgieva - Research Analyst

Amudha Gunasekaran - Senior Research Analyst India Data Team

Apurvee Haridwaj - Research Analyst

Siddartha Joshi - Research Analyst

Benjamin Lenoel - Research Analyst

Rick Lord - Senior Research Analyst

Bindhya Manoj - Head of India Data Team

Michael Marshall - Senior Research Analyst

Gautham P - Research Analyst

Deepti Panchratna - Research Analyst

Lokesh Raikwar - Research Analyst

Anupam Ravi - Team Co-ordinator India Research Team

Julie Raynaud - Senior Research Analyst

Angela Rose - Head of Data Assurance

Miriam Tarin - Senior Research Analyst

Kim Woehl - Senior Research Analyst


Internal Operations

Ozlem Simsek - IT Developer

Huseyin Yassibas - IT Developer