Creating the first Natural Capital Leaders Index is an extraordinarily exciting and ambitious project. And we are highly cognizant that we are breaking new ground here. The methodology, however well anchored in academic rigor, will be a work in progress. The field is an emerging one, although I have great confidence in Mattison and his team at Trucost, which has been at the forefront of natural capital measurement methodologies.

The Natural Capital Leaders Index

The Natural Capital Leaders index is designed to recognize companies demonstrating natural capital leadership – and in addition, break new ground by identifying those companies that are truly ‘moving the needle’ by decoupling growth from natural capital impact.

The Natural Capital Leaders Index features two categories of leaders:

  • Natural Capital Efficiency Leaders used natural capital most efficiently to generate revenue over the past year
  • Natural Capital Decoupling Leaders increased revenue while decreasing natural capital impacts over the most recent five year period

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The Natural Capital Leaders Index 2014

Find out about three new information tools providing 'new era of sustainability metrics' insights:


The Materiality Report has been designed to help companies take the first step on the 'new era of sustainability metrics' journey. Our goal is to take the data you already have and transform it from information into actionable business insights by analyzing it, supplementing it, applying natural capital valuations and delivering business intelligence.

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The Natural Capital Benchmark report is a data supplement to the 2014 State of Green Business report providing a 'new era of sustainability metrics' environmental performance insights for companies and sectors.

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EBoard provides a source of 'new era of sustainability metrics' for financial institutions.   

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How can companies benefit from a new era of sustainability metrics in a changing world?

The World is Changing 

We thank the many companies that responded to our call for collaboration in developing the Natural Capital Leaders Index metrics when we published our initial methodology, along with our partner GreenBiz Group, in October 2013, and welcome your continued feedback and collaboration on the development of the Natural Capital Leaders Index methodology.

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