We chose to work with Trucost because their data validation service provides a fast and comprehensive assessment of a company's environmental reporting process. After working with Trucost we were confident that our reported data was both accurate and adhered to global reporting standards, thereby avoiding the potential costs of failing to comply with reporting requirements.

Environmental Data Assurance

We’ll ensure that your environmental reporting is accurate and in line with global reporting standards including GRI, GHG Protocol, CDP, AA1000. We’ll also provide advice on how to optimize your reporting to achieve best practice credentials.

Companies are increasingly required to report their environmental impacts, either in annual reports or directly to customers, regulators, investors and industry groups such as the CDP. Failure to comply with mandatory reporting requirements can leave companies exposed to financial risk from higher environmental costs or penalties from policies such as emissions trading schemes. Externally assured data is rewarded under CDP’s performance scoring because it gives data-users greater confidence in the reliability of reported data and increases its usefulness.

Our data validation and assurance services ensure that reported data is accurate and adheres to global reporting standards. Our expert analysts will identify the source of any reporting errors and provide practical advice on how to improve reporting standards.

We can also review qualitative reporting and make recommendations for improvement and provide AA1000 assurance to validate your public reporting.

We’ll help you demonstrate robust green credentials and reach higher levels of performance.


Certificate of Assurance (AA1000)

AA100 Certificate of Assurance


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