Case Study / 13 Jul 2016


Trucost provided natural capital benefit analysis to support EILEEN FISHER’s strategy to source organic fibers.

EILEEN FISHER, Inc., a women’s clothing and accessories company with social consciousness at the heart of its brand, has demonstrated leadership and made headlines in the apparel industry with its public commitment to source 100% organic cotton and linen by 2020.

Trucost found that EILEEN FISHER’s organically sourced cotton has natural capital cost benefits 2.5 times greater than conventionally grown cotton, providing science-based rationale and affirming EILEEN FISHER’s strategy to source organic fibers.


Growing Business Value in an Environmentally Challenged Economy (publication)

14 November, 2017
Events ESG Sustainable Investments & Green Finance Forum – Berlin. 14/11/2017

ESG Investments in Digitalization, Clean Energy & Sustainable Brands as Growth Drivers towards a Low Carbon Economy

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16 November, 2017
Events ESG Reporting: What’s Working and What Needs to Change?

A complimentary webinar for corporate sustainability professionals and ESG investors

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The Sustainable Development Goals give meaning and purpose, not just to corporate sustainability programs, but to an organization’s business objectives.

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